Student Loan Forgiveness

If you have Federal Student Loans you may qualify for any of the Obama student loan forgiveness programs that are available to borrowers. You may be eligible for principal reduction, loan forgiveness, or a complete loan discharge depending on your individual circumstance.

Income Based Payments

If you are suffering from a financial hardship, you may be eligible for an Income Based Payment. In this repayment program, you would have a payment based on your income and family size. The payment could be as low as $0.00 per month, with forgiveness at the end of 20-25 years.

Loan Consolidation

Loan consolidation will take all your federal student loans and combine them into one new loan. You will have only one lender, with one monthly payment. In this consolidation you are able to choose a payment plan that’s affordable to you. By consolidating you also may become eligible for loan forgiveness.

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What can First Student Aid do for you?


If you’re like most people, your student loans probably feel a bit like a ball and chain that you’ve been dragging through your life for years. Every month, you dutifully make a payment knowing that you’ll be making that same payment next month, the month after that, and so on. But what if you didn’t have to? What if there was a way to get your student loans forgiven?

It turns out that there are many ways to get federal student loans forgiven. In fact, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a report in 2013 estimating that more than one-quarter of working Americans are eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, but only a small percentage are actually using it.

Programs like the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program are relatively well known. However, there are some lesser-known programs that may also help you pay down your loans.

There are many ways to say goodbye to your student loans that you might not have even known about. Even if you’re not eligible for any of them, there are still other ways to lessen your student loan burden – such as loan consolidation, refinancing your loans, or by picking the right federal or private student loan repayment plans.

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"First Student Aid helped me consolidate all of my existing student loans into a single monthly payment!"

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"First Student Aid helped me get a portion of my student loan balance forgiven. I had no idea this was possible!"

− Carol, New York

Types of Loan Forgiveness

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

The Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program is one of the most beneficial of all the loan forgiveness programs because teachers not only qualify for loan forgiveness but they also get a principle reduction. The idea behind the program is to encourage young student to pursue a career in teaching.

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Public Service Loan Forgiveness

If you work full time in a public service job you may qualify for public service loan forgiveness. After making 120 payments on time while working in a public service position, your principle balance may be forgiven. And under certain repayment plans it may be completely forgiven.

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Permanent Disability Discharge

If you are permanently disabled you may qualify for a permanent disability discharge on your Federal Student Loans. So if your ability to work or to participate in a substantial gainful activity is hindered by a mental or physical disability than you may be entitled to a loan discharge.

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