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Do you qualify for student loan relief? Student Loan debt won't disappear. Your loans must be repaid or you could face garnishments, or even court action!

If you fell behind on your private student loan payments, and your accounts were sold or are about to be sold to a third-party debt collection agency, then you will most likely be able to use debt validation to assist you.

What is a debt validation service & how exactly can this program be used to assist me with private student loan debt?

First Student Aid can facilitate a debt validation program that will force private student loan debt collection companies to prove the alleged debt is valid, verifiable, and collectible.

A debt validation program uses federal laws including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and several other federal laws.

We challenge your third-party debt collectors, forcing them to prove that they are:

A. Abiding by all of the laws that govern debt collection companies. Find a summary of these debt validation laws here.

B. Maintaining accurate accounting records.

C. Able to produce complete documentation necessary to verify and validate the alleged debts. Did you know that the major banks will knowingly sell debt with missing and inaccurate records. They simply sell these debts at a reduced price (sometimes as low as 5 cents on the dollar), knowing that if challenged the third-party debt collection company may lose money due to the debt being noncollectable. Take a look at this article.

D. Licensed to collect on private student loan debt collection accounts. In some cases the debt collection company can’t even produce a debt collection license. If they can’t produce it, the debt becomes noncollectable, meaning you don’t have to pay it!

Private Student Loan Debt Collection Companies must provide validation, verification and proof of their legal authority to collect money from you over an alleged debt. It is hard to believe, but often they can’t!

If they can’t provide all of the law abiding requested and required items and documentation, the debt becomes noncollectable.

What accounts qualify on a debt validation program, besides for private student loan debts?

The most popular accounts that qualify on a debt validation program include credit card debt and private student loans, but medical bills, some unsecured personal loans and most unsecured debt collection accounts will also qualify.

What if my debt gets validated and proven to be a collectible debt?

You pay nothing on that account, and we can then assist you in finding an experienced debt negotiator to go in and settle your account for less than the full amount owed. This is your second option to resolve your private student loan debt.

Are you looking to consolidate your private student loans?


Well unfortunately private student loan consolidation does not exist, but you can either settle your private student loans, or use debt validation to assist you with this type of debt.

You have landed in the right spot. First Student Aid has more than ten-years experience in this industry. We will definitely be able to relieve you from the stress caused by student loan debt!

What is the best private student loan relief option available in the United States?

Most consumers prefer debt validation to address their student loan debt. Debt validation is the preferred option because consumers end up paying less money on this type of program compared to other programs including debt settlement services, in most cases, and credit restoration is included! Plus, if your creditors validate the debt, you can always turn to debt settlement as a second option to resolve your balances.

If you don’t qualify for debt validation then we can help you settle your private student loan debt collection accounts for less than the full amount owed on an outside debt settlement program that has helped thousands of consumers over the last decade.

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