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Do you qualify for student loan relief? Student Loan debt won't disappear. Your loans must be repaid or you could face garnishments, or even court action!

Debtor Protection

Student loans are unsecured debts and therefore may be subject to state and federal collection laws. If you are in default on these loans, we can represent you to stop the calls and, if appropriate, make claims for violations of the FDCPA and the Rosenthal FDCPA. In addition, First Student Aid will negotiate with your creditor in an effort to resolve any amounts due. We also review your loans to see determine what rights you have and how to best eliminate these debts for the least amount of money. Our goal is to get you out of debt and to do so for as little money as possible. Although Student Loans lenders have rights greater than other lenders, they still must comply with the law and you should have an attorney on your side making sure they do.

You have some tough choices to make.

Can you consolidate the loans? Can you renegotiate with your current servicer? Can you file bankruptcy? Should you just pay what you can afford? Should you stop payment altogether? What happens if you stop payments? What if a cosigner is involved? And the list of questions that you can’t find any answers to goes on and on. We can answer all of these questions and any other questions you have about dealing with private loans.

Quality debt protection and cancellation programs require a strategic partner that understands loans and lending systems.

We’ve been in the protection business for nearly a century, and our programs have been adopted by some of the world’s largest financial institutions. We work closely with you in a transparent process, so that the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. We see obstacles and pitfalls that other providers only discover when it’s too late. We point out what’s important and make necessary adjustments sooner rather than later, ensuring your program runs smoothly and efficiently.

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